Alan Wake Game Review

alan wake

Alan Wake is a 3D action-adventure horror game. Remedy Entertainment developed the game and Microsoft Studios published it. In this game, you play as a famous writer named Alan Wake.



The story follows a famous writer named Alan Wake. At the start of the game, he and his wife are going on a vacation in a fictional town named Bright Falls. There they rent a cabin. At the early stages of the game, you go to retrieve the keys and directions to the cabin in a diner from the cabin’s landlord, Carl Stucky.

Instead of Carl Stucky, you meet a mysterious old woman. She tells you that Stucky is sick and told her to give you the keys instead. She then tells you that the cabin is in the middle of Cauldron Lake, which is a volcanic crater lake. After you leave the diner there is a cutscene of you driving away from the diner. In this cutscene, you can see the diner behind you. And when you are already far away Stucky gets out of the diner and tells you you forgot your keys.



In Alan Wake, there is a “Darkness” that takes over humans, animals, and objects. These enemies are referred to as the “taken”. Darkness covers the “taken” and they attack you with various kinds of weapons. When the enemies attack you, you can dodge the attack. If you perform the dodge perfectly it will show it in slow-motion. The taken are protected by the darkness that covers them, and in order to hurt them you have to shine your flashlight on them, and after you break their guard you can shoot them with your gun.

The flashlight and gun in Alan Wake have limited uses. The gun’s ammo can run out and you need to find ammo throughout the map. And the flashlight runs out of batteries that automatically regenerate, but it takes them time. In order to regenerate the flashlight quicker, you can switch batteries, which you find throughout the map, most of the time near ammo.

There are also safe spots, which are places with light in them. Your health regenerates in these spots, and enemies can’t attack you there. These spots are called “Safe Havens”.

Throughout the map of the game, there are manuscript pages laying around. Alan Wake’s signature is on these pages, but he has no memory of writing them. Every time you pick up a manuscript page you can read it. These pages show everything that is happening in the game.



When I played Alan Wake I loved it. I felt like everything s real in the game. This game scared me exactly at the right time and I really enjoyed it. Each time I launched the game, I was sure It was gonna give me a good scare. I loved finding out small details and easter eggs in order to understand the game better. And as for graphics, they were pretty amazing.



Overall, I recommend Alan Wake to everyone who loves a good story or horror games.
You can buy Alan Wake for PC here, here, and here.
The only way to get a digital version for Xbox is the Xbox store. And you cannot play it on PlayStation at all, unfortunately.