Among Us is a pretty popular game, but not everybody knows how to play it correctly. In this guide I will go over the basic concepts of Among Us, give you some tips for improvement, and teach you cool strategies. In this Among Us guide, I will teach you how to play with every role.
First things first, let's go over each role's objective.

Crewmate – You need to do all your tasks or figure out who the impostors are and vote them out.
Impostor – You need to kill all crewmates without being seen, or sabotage something with the crewmates running out of time to repair it.

Now that we have each role’s objective, we can start learning how to play each role.



Among Us Crewmate Screen

1) Be active. As a crewmate, you want to be very active. Always talk and say what you think at meetings, your information combined with someone else’s might help you figure out who the impostor is.

2) Don’t go alone. When you are going to do your tasks, never be alone, be with at least 1 more person. I recommend being in a group of 3 people because if you’re 4 the impostors can get a double kill easily.

3) Don’t prioritize doing tasks. Doing tasks is good, but it’s not the best way to win. Be a detective, find out where everyone is, always be on the lookout for bodies. Do tasks only when you walk by a task you have, or when there is nothing to investigate.

4) When walking past a body, don’t instantly report it. When you see a body, the impostor might be near. Take 5-10 seconds to look around and try to find the killer. Even if there is no one near, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

5) Don’t vote on 7. Unless you saw with your own eyes who killed, don’t vote when only 7 players are alive. This is because when there are 6, the impostors only need to get a double kill, and they won.

6) Don’t fix comms. This is pretty straightforward, the comms sabotage is useless because you can still do your tasks, and as long as it’s not repaired, the impostors can’t sabotage anything else.



1) Be active. Just like in the crewmate role, you want to be very active. Try to frame people using fake information you make up, or use something some else said against them. This could help you win without needing to kill, and will also make you seem less suspicious.

2) Watch out for your life. Your life is worth more than a crewmate’s life. In order to win, you need to kill enough crewmates until the amount of crewmates and impostors is the same. Because of that, you need to kill a lot of crewmates, but if you die, your teammate will have to kill even more. So, even if you don’t kill anyone yourself, as long as you’re alive and your teammate is killing people, you have a higher chance of winning.

3) Sabotage. Use your sabotage as much as you can, try to close doors on people and kill them using the vents, that way nobody can see you kill. Sabotaging lights is generally the best, but it heavily depends on the situation.

4) Don’t be too afraid to kill. While yes, you should be cautious and not go on a killing spree, you should still kill. Killing is always a dangerous thing to do, but if you want to win, you have to do it.

5) Don’t follow someone around without reason. This is very simple, if you follow someone for too long, and it doesn’t seem like you are going to do tasks where they are, they will suspect you. If they suspect you, killing will be harder. Just don’t follow people for too long.

6) Be creative. This is probably the most important thing. Try to do new things people never did before. Don’t try to copy your favorite Youtuber, because chances are other people also see their videos. Come up with new ways to kill or make people trust you. As long as you’re creative, you should be able to fool anyone.


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