Among Us Game Review

among us

Among Us is a 2D low-graphics game, it is based on social deduction. You can buy it from Steam or play free on mobile, but on mobile, there will be ads. In this game there are 1-3 impostors and 4-10 crewmates, the most used is 2 impostors vs 8 crewmates.

There are 3 maps in Among Us and a 4th one, which is believed to be Toppat HQ is on its way. The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus. The Skeld is the basic map, it’s a spaceship, it has 2 parts, right side and left side.

There is Mira HQ which has 3 parts in it, north, southeast, and southwest. Every part has different stuff and feels completely different from the other, which makes this map very fun to play.

And the third map is Polus. Polus is a different planet from Earth and most of the map is just “Outside”, which means that it has lots of free space to move, which makes this map very interesting to play, especially if you are an impostor.

We got only one screenshot for the fourth map.


In Among Us, the impostors’ goal is to outnumber the crewmates, they can do so by sabotaging important parts of the map, which would lead to all crewmates dying, or kill the crewmates one by one. Impostors can use the vent system to their advantage and navigate through it without crewmates seeing them, but crewmates can see the impostor entering or leaving the vent if they are near it. The crewmates’ goal is to either finish all their tasks or find out who the impostors are and kill them, you can find out the impostors by asking where they were or if they did certain tasks that everyone either has or no, these are called ‘common tasks’.


You are only allowed to speak during meetings, which can be called by pressing the button in the cafeteria or if a body is found and reported. While in a meeting as a crewmate, you need to find out who the impostor is based on evidence and try to get your fellow crewmates to listen to you. And as impostor you need to either frame someone and have the crewmates vote them, or get the crewmates to skip the voting, you can do so by finding weak points in someone’s argument accusing you, and exploit them. Or just going along if they accused someone innocent.


Another good thing about Among Us is that you can control the settings of each lobby, like the vision of crewmates and impostors, player speed, if you can see other people doing tasks, and a lot more settings.


When I first played the game it was confusing and weird because I couldn’t understand what I am doing and how to make people listen to me, and I lost game after game, but after only a short amount of time, I figured out how to play the game and even wrote down some strategies to win as either crewmate or impostor.


I loved playing with my friends and betraying them, or figuring out which one is lying, I made lots of good friends because of this game, and I will probably lose them all because of this game. I think that this game is really good and I can say with confidence that every fan of the “Murder Mystery” genre of games, or just any kind of social deduction game should consider playing it.


You can buy Among Us for PC from here and here.

And the Android version

And, finally, the ios version




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