Counter Strike: Global Offensive Game Review

counter strike: global offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a 3D Team-Based FPS game. In this game, there are a few casual modes and 3 competitive modes. In the original casual mode, there are Counter-Terrorists, referred to as CTs, against 10 Terrorists. Each team’s goal is to eliminate the other team, and the terrorists can plant a bomb, which the CTs can defuse. If the bomb goes off, the terrorists win, and if it is defused the CTs win.


Once a year or two, there is an operation published, the operation acts a bit like a battle pass. You do missions, get stars, and with stars, you can buy skins. You can also open cases to get skins. And lastly, there is the community market, in there you can buy and sell skins and items.


In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are a few weapons, like AK-47, Desert Eagle, Negev, AWP, and much more! Each weapon behaved differently, with different recoil, different spray patterns, different damage, and precision. Learning how to use each weapon can take time and this game isn’t the easiest to learn.


In competitive mode, there are 18 ranks, 6 in the silver ranks: Silver 1, Silver 2, Silver 3, Silver 4, Silver Elite, and Silver Elite Master. 4 in the gold ranks: Gold Nova 1, Gold Nova 2, Gold Nova 3, and Gold Nova Master. 4 in the guardian ranks: Master Guardian 1, Master Guardian 2, Master Guardian Elite, and Distinguished Master Guardian. 2 in the Eagle ranks: Legendary Eagle, and Legendary Eagle Master. And the last two are separated. There is the Supreme Master First Class, and lastly, The Global Elite.


Starting to play CS:GO, it was very difficult and winning was almost impossible in competitive, only when I got to 200 hours did I start to win consistently and finally learned a few aspects of the game. After I got to 300 hours I was on the verge of Silver and in 500 hours I finally got out. Sometimes you will be met with trollers, smurfs, or even cheaters! Valve doesn’t deal with this stuff well enough and making this game free certainly didn’t help.


If you are getting tired of so many cheaters and trollers, you could buy the Prime Status. The Prime Status is something that only matches you with and against other Prime Status players. You can get the Prime Status by either buying it or getting to level 21 in the game. If you want to play with Prime Status, but your friends don’t, you could still play with them, but it will match you without Prime Status, but if they leave the lobby, you can solo queue or play with friends that have Prime Status and you will be matched with Prime Status players.


Sometimes, after you learn how to play the game you could get raged by the fact that your teammates have 5 IQ and they wasted it on launching the game. Or the fact that the Negev is a thing. But overall, you can have a lot of fun in this game if you love this genre and can carry your noob teammates. (And maybe teach them some stuff so they would have 6 IQ instead of 5)


Overall, I love CS:GO and I love playing it, even though, I can only recommend it to people who have time and love to play and learn about the game until they can be considered pro-players, and maybe even participate in eSports!


You can get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from here