Dishonored Game Review


Dishonored follows the story of Corvo Attano, the empress’s bodyguard. This game takes place in 1837 in a fictional city called ‘Dunwall’, which is the empire’s capital city. This is a first-person RPG that is stealth-based, in this game you can either get a bad ending or a good ending depending on what you choose to do in the game. Your main weapons are your sword, your crossbow, and your superpowers. If you kill people and don’t care who you hurt, you will get to the bad ending. And if you don’t kill anyone and try to hurt as little as you can you will get to the good ending.


In Dishonored, the high ground is your best friend, you need to learn the enemy routines and take advantage of the weak points in it. You can use superpowers, which you acquire in an early stage of the game from an unknown entity called “The Outsider”, to do all sorts of stuff, like teleport, see through walls, and stop time. The goal system in this game is very similar to Assassin’s Creed’s goal system, you have the main task and some optional tasks. There are waypoints on the screen that show you where the tasks are located and how far you are from them.


This game is a combination of limited and open world because you can go wherever you want, but there are borders in which you need to stay.


The events of Dishonored are very linear and make a lot of sense, you need to neutralize certain people in one way or another. You can talk to NPCs for info and more story understanding and it’s very interesting to do so and see what they have to say. You can find shrines dedicated to the Outsider, in which he will talk to you and tell things about your choices and about the story of the game.


The models have a very strange feel to them and they can be a bit annoying at times, but it’s an old game and even by today’s standards, the game’s graphics are good.


The dialogues have some strange parts and sometimes are either too simple or too complex, but generally, the dialogues are good.


When I first played Dishonored it was kind of hard, even on the lowest difficulty, but it was very fun to play and I liked the challenge. I really loved this game being first-person because it goes well with the mechanics and I really don’t see it any differently. Learning how to use the superpowers and when every superpower is good and when not, feels very realistic because it feels like I’m learning it with the main character. I also really liked the story, it always gives you a very great feeling and it has TONS of plot twists.


There are 3 dlcs for Dishonored that give you a lot more lore understanding and are very fun to play, in 2 of them, you follow the story of Daud, a famous assassin that is said to be able to kill you and disappear in a matter of seconds. He has different superpowers than Corvo.


This game has very good mechanics, gameplay, lore, and is generally very fun to play, I recommend every RPG fan to play this game, even though it is old.


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