Game reviews

Game reviews
Tell Me Why young Tyler and Alyson

Tell Me Why Review

Tell Me Why is an episodic choices game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. Tell Me Why has 3 episodes and

alan wake

Alan Wake Game Review

Alan Wake is a 3D action-adventure horror game. Remedy Entertainment developed the game and Microsoft Studios published it. In this game, you play as a

Rocket League Game Review

Rocket League Game Review

Welcome to my Rocket League Game Review. Rocket Leagues is a multiplayer team soccer cars game. What it means is that you play soccer, with

Xenoverse 2

Xenoverse 2 Game Review

Xenoverse 2 is a 3D RPGMMO Fighting game (Or at least I think, dragon ball games are very confusing). This game follows the story of


Payday 2 Game Review

Payday 2 is a 3D First-Person stealth game, you can play it offline or with friends. In every robbery, you choose your loadout and need


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Game Review

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a 3D Anime Fighting RPG game. This game follows the events of Dragon Ball Z, with some side missions and


Vindictus Game Review

Vindictus is a 3D multiplayer MMORPG game. It is a free Nexon game. It takes place several hundred years before Mabinogi. In this game, you

hollow knight

Hollow Knight Game Review

Hollow Knight is a 2D Metroidvania action-adventure game. In it, you play as The Knight. The place in which Hollow Knight is taking place is


Superhot Game Review

Superhot is a 3D first-person RPG-Action(Not sure it’s an RPG though) game with very interesting mechanics and story. It follows the story of you, the

Life is Strange

Life Is Strange Game Review

Life is Strange is a third-person choice-based RPG with five chapters. The graphics aren’t too good but they aren’t bad either. This game takes place

among us

Among Us Game Review

Among Us is a 2D low-graphics game, it is based on social deduction. You can buy it from Steam or play free on mobile, but


Dishonored Game Review

Dishonored follows the story of Corvo Attano, the empress’s bodyguard. This game takes place in 1837 in a fictional city called ‘Dunwall’, which is the


Undertale Game Review

Undertale is a 2D pixelated RPG game with lots of hidden lore and easter eggs, in this game you follow the story of a kid