Hollow Knight Game Review

hollow knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D Metroidvania action-adventure game. In it, you play as The Knight. The place in which Hollow Knight is taking place is called Hallownest.


The story of Hollow Knight is very complicated and great. Hallownest was once a very big and flourishing kingdom. It was ruined when it became overrun with something called The Infection. The Infection drives every person the was infected crazy and undead. The Infection origin is discovered later on in the game. It started with the ancient bugs of Hallownest worshipping a god named Radiance. Radiance could make people mindless and obedient. Another god, that later on became the Pale King, gave the bugs of Hallownest a mind of their own. Giving them a mind of their own made Radiance fade and disappear. One day, a citizen of Hallownest found a hidden statue of Radiance, accidentally waking her up. Fueled by rage, Radiance invaded the citizens of Hallownest’s dreams and drove them crazy.


The gameplay of Hollow Knight is very fun and not too complicated. You can Jump, Attack, and later on, in the game, you will get more abilities like Dash. There is an energy mechanic in Hollow Knight. With energy, you can cast spells and heal yourself. In order to get energy, you need to attack enemies. Every time you beat an enemy, you get a certain amount of money. With money, you can buy maps, compasses, spot markers, spells, and potions. In order to save the game, you need to sit on benches. When you save, you get full health, and the new parts of the world that you’ve been in gets drawn on the map.


The world of Hollow Knight is very huge and complicated, and you can easily get lost in it. There are some places that can take you long distances in one interaction, kinda like rails.


Another great thing about Hollow Knight is the death mechanic. When you die, you lose a piece of your soul. When you don’t have that piece of your soul, you don’t have the money you got on you. You can’t get to full energy either. In order to get that piece of your soul back, you need to go to where you died. When you get to the place you died in, that piece of your soul will start attacking you. You need to beat it in order to get it back.


Overall, I recommend Hollow Knight to people that like a game with a good story and cool mechanics.

You can get Hollow knight for PC from here, here, and here.
You can get it for PS from here.
for Nintendo Switch from here.
And for Xbox from here.