Life Is Strange Game Review

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a third-person choice-based RPG with five chapters. The graphics aren’t too good but they aren’t bad either. This game takes place on October 13, in this game you play as Maxine Caulfield, which is referred to as Max in the game. She is an 18 years old girl that got accepted to the school of her dreams, Blackwell. Max is a young photographer that learns in a photography class from her teacher, Mark Jefferson. She has some friends, like Warren Graham, Kate Marsh, and her best friend for life, Chloe Price.


Max is a deeply thought character, she is very friendly and caring. She wears her jacket most of the time and doesn’t care about her appearance too much. She cares about friendship more than anything and she will choose her friends over anything.


The story of Life is Strange revolves around Max and Chloe’s adventures in the fictional city of Arcadia Bay, Oregon. At the start of the game, Max got a vision of a tornado coming closer and closer to arcadia bay, and a few minutes after, she found out she could reverse time! In their childhood, Max and Chloe lived together in Arcadia Bay, but Max had to move to Seattle with her parents at the age of 13, after 5 years she returned to Arcadia Bay to learn in Blackwell Academy. When she returned she couldn’t make time to find Chloe and talk to her. But, funny as destiny is, certain unusual events lead her to Chloe.


There are lots of posters around Arcadia Bay, all posters talked about Rachel Amber, and how she’s missing, you can choose to look at it Max will say a different thing about each poster. At an early stage of the game, it is revealed that Chloe put them on.


There are several interesting characters in Life is Strange, like David Madsen for example, he is Chloe’s stepdad, or as she likes to call him, step-douche. He was in the army and lost a very close friend there, he said that even though he doesn’t like to blame the army for his behavior, this kind of thing changes a person.


Another interesting character is Chloe herself. Chloe was a genius student and very good at chemistry in particular, but she got expelled due to irrational behavior and not caring about the school and her studies.


Only in the first chapter Life is Strange gave me very deep feelings for each character and I really liked playing it, it felt like it was more than a game and I felt like I’m really the main character. I really loved exploring different things in the game and trying to understand the very complex lore of this game.


The game revolves around time and the butterfly effect, and I really liked it because not a lot of games stay true to physics. This is a great game and the story and gameplay of the game are very good and fun. I got very attached to the characters and the game ended with me wanting more. I recommend this game to everyone.


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