Payday 2 Game Review


Payday 2 is a 3D First-Person stealth game, you can play it offline or with friends. In every robbery, you choose your loadout and need to steal something. Sometimes you’re on an open battlefield and sometimes it’s a stealth mission. This game also supports VR.┬áThe graphics in this game aren’t the best by today’s standards, but they are good.


Payday 2 has a storyline, but the storyline isn’t really that much of a story because you don’t discover new stuff or learn about the character’s past. Playing this game can feel a little empty sometimes because of the lack of story. Having been just dropped into this game without background on the characters makes the game far less enjoyable.


Every time you start a mission in Payday 2, which you can either choose or play the storyline, you can choose what items and weapons to start with, and you get weapons from buying them with money you got from robbing places. And you can view parts of the places you need to rob to get a bit more information. In large robberies like bank jobs, you can set up a plan with your team. Sometimes the game can get really hard and sometimes it’s really easy. You probably will never beat the game on the first try, since you need to learn the NPCs routines and all.


The best aspect of Payday 2 is that you can’t know how the level is exactly going to look, the routines change and the rooms switch places and it is generally very confusing. Though, as I already stated, you can still learn a big part of the level to actually make this game possible.


Playing Payday 2 I was very disappointed with it, whether it be the weird mechanics or how boring this game can get once you do a few levels. After just 15 hours this game got boring for me and I uninstalled it at 20 hours. I think that this game could be fun from time to time but never to be played for too much or it gets boring. It is at its best in the events because they give us very good robberies and they are much more fun than the regular game.


Overall, I do not recommend Payday 2 to anyone, mainly because this game can get very boring and just feel like it’s repeating itself. However, if you still want to play it you can get it from here