Superhot Game Review


Superhot is a 3D first-person RPG-Action(Not sure it’s an RPG though) game with very interesting mechanics and story. It follows the story of you, the player,  and the whole game is based on “Just senseless killing”. There are lots of easter eggs in this game. The mechanics are simple yet complicated, time moves only when you move. The story of the game is very good but very complicated.


The story in Superhot is about someone being sent a game to play, superhot.exe, and when he launches it’s fun and all but it’s “just senseless killing’. After you tell him that, your friend, that sent you the game, sends you a crack for part 2. The machine doesn’t like being played illegally, so it tells you to stop and if you don’t it shows you it can control you. The story mainly resolves around “Mind is software, body is disposable”.


In Superhot you play a game called superhot.exe, which your friend has recommended to you, after you play a part of it, it crashes and says that you don’t have authentication, and your friend sends you a crack. Every level there are some messages on the screen that are being switched quickly and are hard to read in the given time.


One easter egg I found is a computer that gives you one question, you then choose to ask “Am I killing real people?” and the computer answers “define ‘real'”. The more you continue in the game, the more you find about the lore and the more you think about how well made the story is.


One thing I didn’t like about Superhot is how your ability to do everything so slowly and dodge everything can get super overpowered at times. When you find out how to use this ability well and counter-attack enemies with this ability you are basically unstoppable. If an enemy shoots directly at you, you can stop moving and then jump to the left or right side and the bullet will miss you. It could’ve been a great mechanic, but they made it too overpowered. But even though, sometimes there are limitations to this mechanic. You cannot stop a bullet if it is close enough to you and turning your head does count as moving.


Superhot can be annoying at times and it doesn’t have dialogues at all, unless of course, you count those messages dialogues. The gameplay is very good and I really like playing the harder levels again and again.


I think that Superhot is an ok game, only people that love action games should play it because there isn’t a real challenge and after only a few levels you can easily beat all the levels in just a few hours.

You can buy Superhot from here