Undertale Game Review


Undertale is a 2D pixelated RPG game with lots of hidden lore and easter eggs, in this game you follow the story of a kid who has fallen underground and found monsters there, some monsters are friendly, some are hostile, and some are just confused. Every monster has its own personality and its own thing. I love how you can talk to them about different stuff and do different actions.


In Undertale, you will encounter enemies in fights, in which you can either kill them, spare them, or flee. Note that you cannot flee a boss battle. There are 6-7 stages in the game, all of which have a theme that really fits the characters in their stages. In order to kill a monster, you will have to attack it until its health is 0 or lower. In order to spare a monster, you will have to use the “act” option, and choose an action that suits this monster’s personality. And in order to flee, you will have to press the flee button in the “mercy” option.


There are 3 different endings Undertale, Pacifist (good ending), Neutral, and Genocide (bad ending). You can get to each end depending on what you choose to do with the enemies you encounter, each ending gives you really deep feelings and can get to you very easily. If you choose to spare all the enemies, you will get the good ending, which is the longest. If you choose to kill only part of the enemies, you will get the neutral ending, which is the shortest. And if you choose to kill all the enemies, you will get the bad ending.


When I played Undertale for the first time, I got really attached to the characters, and I loved reading the dialogues and in the end, I just didn’t want it to end! All the endings gave me very deep feelings and I just couldn’t let the game go, I played tens of times!
The music in Undertale is by far the best music in video games I have ever heard, it gives you so much more than the gameplay does, it gives you the feeling it’s supposed to, whether it’s determination or sadness, and it is generally very great to listen to.


The most amazing thing about Undertale is how the important lore points don’t have anything to do with the ending, but everything to do with those little things nobody notices by playing. One of the easter eggs is found in waterfall, when you get to a certain point in the game, there is a small chance you will get to a corridor, that normally isn’t there. There is even a smaller chance that there will be a door there, and if you enter the door you will get to a room with a strange skeleton-looking monster. If you interact with this monster, there will be a mysterious sound and it will disappear. When you leave the room the door will be gone, and when you leave the corridor, the corridor will be gone too. This monster is believed to be W.D. Gaster, the former royal scientist. When you play the game for the first time you can barely find any lore points and feel like the game is too empty, but that’s because the creator made such a good job hiding it and giving us little by little every part of the game.


And so did I, let’s see if you can find the easter eggs on this website. You already got the first hint.


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“But why can’t I?” “Because they will notice” “But- -” “shh” “what?” “They are listening”