Vindictus Game Review


Vindictus is a 3D multiplayer MMORPG game. It is a free Nexon game. It takes place several hundred years before Mabinogi. In this game, you travel between villages and dungeons, the village in which you start is called Colhen.


The graphics in Vindictus are very good, but due to its nature as an MMORPG game, they are not used to their fullest.


Before you start Vindictus, you choose which character to play as and can customize them. Each character has its own origin story, and each origin story is very interesting.


At the start of Vindictus, there is a single-player tutorial in which you are a military rookie that is tasked with protecting Tieve, the Oracle. There is a giant spider that was once the tower’s guardian but went rogue. At the end of the tutorial, it is revealed why it went rogue.


After the tutorial, you are thrown into the multiplayer world of Vindictus, and you have the story mode to complete. in some part of the game, you can start traveling between villages and dungeons. If you travel without buying a transportation device you will be punished by having to walk for miles, buying a transportation device will cost in-game money, which means you will have to spend some time in the game for that.


The gameplay of Vindictus is pretty good, each character has its own attacks and each character can play differently, there are some close combat characters and some that are ranged. Some that shoot arrows and some that use a sword.


The story of Vindictus is very interesting and fun to learn, it is filled with lore and there are lots of interesting plot twists. But sometimes the story can feel a bit too pushed and it could be annoying. Overall you can really enjoy the story and it gives you a very good feeling about what’s going on.


To advance in the story you have to continue playing Vindictus and talk to certain characters and slowly you will understand what is going on and why the world around you is as it is and what the story is. Sometimes you can get tired of the game and maybe want a break, and you are not punished for it when you take one, which is something that makes the game a lot more fun.


One downside of Vindictus is that there aren’t a lot of dialogues in the game, only main characters have dialogues and it can be annoying talking to side characters without them having a voice.


When I first played Vindictus I thought it was very fun and I liked the cool mechanics, and how well thought the story was, I ground to really high levels, and doing the story missions was very fun, I really liked playing it.


Overall, For its fun story and mechanics, I recommend Vindictus for every fan of RPG or MMO games and think it is worth at least trying for every kind of gamer.


You can get Vindictus from here